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Pibborafi Rescue Heroes - Raina, Bully-breed Rescue

Pibborafi Rescue Heroes - Raina, Bully-breed Rescue

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Bringing Raina home was unlike any dog her forever-mom ever owned. She never lived in a house prior. She was found chained outside with multiple other dogs, suspected of being bred and fought. Raina had no clue what so many things were and had no clue how to actually act like a dog!

Her forever-mom met her at her first job with dogs and made Raina a promise that she'd take her home one day. Forever thankful she was able to live up to that promise! Raina needed complete rehabilitation and was a struggle. Raina's new mom faced many challenges and some mistakes were made along the way, but their journey taught them so much and seeing Raina blossom into the dog she is today made it all worthwhile.

Raina went from a shy, reserved dog that had no clue how to act in a home setting or around others, to a confident, playful girl who enjoys the life she's always deserved to live full of joy, love, and good health.

Take Raina home with you today and show her all the love she deserves!

Children's toy, ages 3 and up.

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