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Pibborafi Rescue Heroes - Hamlet, Bully-breed Rescue

Pibborafi Rescue Heroes - Hamlet, Bully-breed Rescue

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For Hamlet's story, his forever-family didn't have a lot of information. They know that he was found behind a Dollar General by a dumpster. He was bounced between several shelters before his forever-family brought him home with them. It took months for him to come out of his shell. Hamlet was fearful of everything; the wind, leaves, they had to carry him up and down their stairs and put him in and out of the car.

He would constantly freeze up and just shake in fear. He didn’t even know how to play with toys! It was almost as if he had never seen one. But once he started to realize he was truly safe he became this little ball of crazy that they love so much today. He still has brief moments of being fearful of something but he just needs a little bit of encouragement and he gets right through it! He's become quite the ham! Certainly earning his adorable name.

FUN FACT! You may notice a pink rose on his right hip. This is a special request from his family. It represents a loved one who had recently passed and who now can be remembered in a plushie!

Take Hamlet home with you today and show him all the love he deserves!

Children's toy, ages 3 and up.

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