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Pibborafi Rescue Heroes - Dewey, Beagle Rescue

Pibborafi Rescue Heroes - Dewey, Beagle Rescue

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Dewey's forever-mom found him on Facebook as his original owner didn't want him anymore. Dewey had detached retinas behind his eyes which it is believed happened due to a blow to the head or being kicked. Due to that injury, Dewey developed glaucoma and had to receive up to 17 medicated eyedrops a day! Eventually, Dewey had to have both his eyes surgically removed because the pressure behind his eyes were becoming too much for him. When his forever-mom found him, Dewey had lost much of his fur coat because of allergies. His vet put him on special medication and now his allergies are much better.

Beagles like Dewey are not treated very kindly out in the world. Many times, they are used as test subjects in unethical experiments. Dewey's mom would like to let everyone know that Dewey's blindness does not slow him down and he is still full of love and happiness in his new home!

Dewey will help the Beagle Freedom Project with a portion of his proceeds.
Take Dewey home with you today and show him all the love he deserves!

Children's toy, ages 3 and up.

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