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Pibborafi Rescue Heroes - BB, Mixed Pitbull Rescue

Pibborafi Rescue Heroes - BB, Mixed Pitbull Rescue

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BB was rescued from a fire at 2 months old and left orphaned with extensive and critical burns all over her tiny body. Gratefully, Asheville Humane Society stepped in to give her a chance and brought her to the veterinary hospital where she met her forever family. An RVT who was part of her emergency medical team fell in love and the two have been inseparable ever since.

Despite a grave prognosis, her positive attitude and zest for life, along with amazing medical care, helped this sweet, snuggly, goofy, loving girl to overcome such a challenging set back and rough start to life. BB did not get to enjoy a normal puppyhood and is left with bravery scars all over her body, but she has never once let her differences hold her back! She lives every day to the fullest, has a keen eye for fashion, loves to put a smile on people’s faces, and is helping to change perceptions on bully breed stereotypes every day.

Children's toy, ages 3 and up.

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