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Pibborafi Rescue Heroes - Aya, Mixed Breed Rescue

Pibborafi Rescue Heroes - Aya, Mixed Breed Rescue

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Aya was a "miracle" rescue from a burning house at two months old when the firefighters saw her tail sticking out from under a pile of clothes. She spent 3 months in multiple veterinary hospitals recovering from traumatic injuries and burns on over 75% of her body. She endured many surgeries during her recovery and as she grew up. Her spirit never gave up, she was always ready with a tail wag or kisses for her veterinary friends and family.

Due to her injuries, she has some quirks but it doesn't slow her down. She is the sweetest, funniest, and loving pup who lives her life to the fullest. She was a miracle to survive, but life had another surprise, she was to meet her best bud, BB, who was also a house fire survivor (separate house fire). BB and Aya' families worked together in the veterinary hospital that both spent the majority of time recovering in. Aya and BB hit off at their first playdate and have many more adventures in life to come.

Children's toy, ages 3 and up.

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